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Redwood is the
full-stack JavaScript
application framework.

Batteries, backend, React, conventions, and opinions included.

What's Included?

Deployment that Eliminates Vendor Lock-In

You have the power of choice without the complexity.

CLI that Provides a Silky Smooth DX

It’s power at your finger tips. Setup auth with a single command. Scaffold your application. Generate components, layouts, and pages.

Render Content, How You Want It, When You Want It

In Bighorn, Redwood supports Client and Server Side Rendering. It has flexible rendering options, on a per-page level, optimizing your application for enhanced speed and performance.

Routing, Meant for Scale

Routes aren’t tied to file and folder naming conventions that make change hard.

Router File

Best-in Class Technologies

This is NOT a starter project or a template. We’ve taken the best in class libraries and frameworks that you already know and love and given them first-class support within Redwood. Setup is simple and maintenance is negligible.


Independent Open Source Project

We’re obsessed with creating the best possible developer experience and building a framework that enables the community to build at scale.

Preston-Werner Ventures

Simplified Email

Redwood offers a convenient way to send email in either a developer or production environment through Studio.

Simplified EmailSimplified Email

Logging for Debugging Queries, Resolvers, and Requests

Logging is essential for raising critical errors. In staging and development environments, logging helps you debug queries, resolvers and cell requests.


This is a glimpse into what we’re working on and what we’ve planned.


React Server Components, Server Side Cells (async)

Implement efficient data fetching mechanisms on the server to retrieve and serve data to the client-side application, optimizing performance and reducing latency for a better user experience.

Server Side Routing

Implement server-side routing to manage navigation and URL handling efficiently, improving user experience and enabling direct linking to specific content within the application.

Client Side Cells (GraphQL)

Maintain client-side cells that empower users to execute GraphQL calls directly from the client, facilitating real-time data interaction and updates within the application.

CSS Support

Implement comprehensive CSS support to allow developers to style their applications with ease, supporting both traditional stylesheets and modern CSS-in-JS solutions for flexible, component-scoped styling.

In Progress

Integrate Server Side Rendering with React Server Components

Seamlessly integrate Server Side Rendering (SSR) with React Server Components to enable dynamic content rendering on the server, improving load times and SEO while maintaining a rich interactive user experience.

Client Side Routing

Maintain client-side routing to enable seamless, single-page application navigation without full page reloads, leveraging dynamic content loading for a smoother user experience.

ESM Support

Provide full support for ECMAScript modules (ESM) to enable modern, efficient JavaScript development workflows, allowing for better code organization and compatibility with the latest web standards.

External Resources

Expand the framework to include external resource support, enabling seamless integration of SVGs and custom fonts to enhance visual design and typographic flexibility.


New Create Redwood App

Develop a Redwood Command Line Interface (CLI) tool to streamline development processes, offering commands for project scaffolding, code generation, and utility functions to enhance developer productivity.


Facilitate a smooth deployment process for RedwoodJS applications, integrating with popular hosting services and providing clear documentation on best practices for deploying to production environments.

Server Actions and Mutations

Asynchronous server-side functions designed to handle form submissions and data mutations across client and server components.


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We recently switched our main website from Netlify to This was a pretty smooth process and we're happy with the results. Here's a quick overview of our experience. Why we switched Netlify is awesome. It's super easy to use and one of the best...

June 18, 2024

"Love reloaded": A DX Story

Redwood aims is to provide a fast, robust and comprehensible React Server Component experience. We're iterating towards improving that experience by adding a RSC development server that supports live reload. What is Live Reload? Live reload is a feat...

June 4, 2024

Experiments: Rails-like Form Helpers

After ReactConf 2024 I was inspired by this tweet: In it, Sam Selikoff says that the JS ecosystem has yet to demonstrate the same kind of powerful forms that have been available in Rails since jus...

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