# Wrapping Up

You made it! If you really went through the whole tutorial: congratulations! If you just skipped ahead to this page to try and get a free congratulations: tsk, tsk!

That was potentially a lot of new concepts to absorb all at once so don't feed bad if all of it didn't fully sink in. React, GraphQL, Prisma, serverless many things! Even those of us working on the framework are heading over to Google multiple times per day to figure out how to get these things to work together.

As an anonymous Twitter user once mused: "If you enjoy feeling like both the smartest person on earth and the dumbest person in history within a span of 24 hours, programming may be the career for you!"

# What's Next?

Want to add some more features to your app? Check out some of our Cookbook recipies like calling to a third party API and deploying an app without an API at all. Have you grown out of SQLite and want to install Postgres locally? We've also got lots of guides for more info on Redwood's internals.

# Roadmap

In the coming weeks and months we've got some exciting stuff planned:

  1. TypeScript support
  2. Testing
  3. Storybook integration

And even more stuff we're thinking about, but haven't put on the calendar yet:

  1. Accessibility features for Redwood Router
  2. Dev widget on rendered pages for jumping to the GraphQL Playground and new Prisma Studio
  3. More cookbook recipies
  4. Easy access to AWS Lambda logs
  5. Data fetching optimization for the waterfall problem
  6. Support for NoSQL solutions like MongoDB
  7. GraphQL query cache helpers

# Help Us!

What did you think of Redwood? Is it the Next Step for JS frameworks? What can it do better? We've got a lot more planned. Want to help us build these upcoming features?

Thanks for following along. Now go out and build something amazing!