# Connection Pooling

Production Redwood apps should enable connection pooling in order to properly scale with your Serverless functions.

# Heroku

For Postgres, see Postgres Connection Pooling.

Heroku does not officially support MySQL.

# Digital Ocean

For Postgres, see How to Manage Connection Pools

Connection Pooling for MySQL is not yet supported.


Use Amazon RDS Proxy for MySQL or PostgreSQL.

# Why Connection Pooling?

Relational databases have a maximum number of concurrent client connections.

  • Postgres allows 100 by default
  • MySQL allows 151 by default

In a traditional server environment, you would need a large amount of traffic (and therefore web servers) to exhaust these connections, since each web server instance typically leverages a single connection.

In a Serverless environment, each function connects directly to the database, which can exhaust limits quickly. To prevent connection errors, you should add a connection pooling service in front of your database. Think of it as a load balancer.